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About The Tipler Corporation

The John S. Tipler Company was started in 1953 by John and Edith Tipler. Working from their home in Beverly Hills, a south side Chicago Clippard MTV-4Fsuburb, they sold Wilkerson filters, regulators and lubricators - adding cylinder and valve lines (Clippard and Allenair) the next year. Everything went smoothly, as witnessed by the fact we still sell these fine products today. For ten years, we were listed by Clippard as one of their top three distributors in the world (holding the number one position for two years in a row). Currently, we represent over 20 different manufacturers who manufacture everything from the smallest cylinder in the world to cylinders large enough to steer ocean-going ships, as well as, the accessories to go with them.

Clippard MAV-2John and Edith moved to Downers Grove (with all the kids) in 1958, and incorporated the business in 1959. Presently, The Tipler Corporation is celebrating its 61st year.

John and Edith's philosophy was, and has remained so, "Customer Service." If we say we will do something for you, it will be done. There are over 1500 purchasing agents in the Midwest who purchase their product needs from The Tipler Corporation and - " THERE ARE SOME MIGHTY GOOD REASONS WHY" .


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